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Replacement for Comswitch CS 3.0Comswitch CS 3.0

This product is no longer manufaactured and is discontinued.

The new site for Command Communications is https://commandcommunicationsusa.com

The replacement is the SR-3 Distinctive Ring Call Processor.

Command Communications is no longer in business and does not support its products anymore.

Fortunately, Multi-Link, Inc has be manufacturing similar but superior products for over 25 years. Feel free to call toll free at 1-866-337-0965 for assistance in replacing your comswitch or finding a superior product for your particular application.

The correct product to replace the CS 3.0 is most likely the SR-3. It does everything that the Comswitch CS 3.0 does except notify you have a call waiting call. Unlike the Commswitch CS 3.0, the SR-3 is 100% accurate so you should not need this feature. Since the SR-3 is a different technology it learns the voltages of your local phone company distinctive ring service so it can't ever make a mistake.

The SR-3 selective ring call processor saves money by eliminating unnecessary phone lines. The SR-3 routes up to three numbers per line. It installs on a standard POTS line and does not go “off hook” to screen but routes to the appropriate port based on the signature ring pattern for each phone number assigned to a single phone line.

The primary phone number routes to port one, secondary number to port two, etc. Multi-Link’s “Smartware™” technology eliminates any user programming by automatically learning the ring cadence. Operation is totally automatic. The barge-in protection feature is optional. Outbound calls are processed in the normal fashion.

Your voice calls always go to the voice, fax calls always go to your fax and your alternative calls on the second distinctive number always go to the assigned device. There should be no need to manually transfer any calls. Since the SR-3 is 100% accurate, we didn't include this feature because frankly unless the unit malfunctions you don't need it.

We also have the Versa-Link ATX-250 automatic or distinctive ring 2 device fax switch which will also do the manual transfer from your phone if you require it.

The superior replacement for the CS 3.0 for distinctive ring is the SR-3. Since it is 100% accurate, has surge and lightening protection as well as all parts in the manufacturing are specified for a minimum of 40 years, which the Command product never had. We are thoroughly confident that you will much happier with it. It shouldn't wear out. 40 years is a long time. I have personally used the SR-3 for my voice and fax. For me, it has been 100% accurate and perfect for more that 25 years. Perfection is hard to beat.

The SR-3 is simpler than the CS 3.0. It does only one thing. It routes the calls from the distinctive ring to the appropriate device and never makes mistakes. To repeat, it is 100% accurate.

Instead of having two or three phone lines, it allows you to have only one phone line with distinctive ring (you only pay for one phone line plus the distinctive ring option instead of paying for three lines which obviously almost cost you 3 times as much) for virtually the same functionality.

Bacically it works the same as having two or three lines except you can't use them at the same time.

To learn more information about the 100% reliable SR-3 go to:


How much is the SR-3 worth to you?

What's it worth to your BOTTOM LINE to eliminate 1 phone line?
Monthly Line Cost 1st Year Cost/Savings 3rd Year Cost/Savings 5th Year Cost/Savings 10th Year Cost/Savings
$ 20.00 $ 240.00 $ 720.00 $ 1200.00 $ 2400.00
$ 30.00 $ 360.00 $ 1080.00 $ 1800.00 $ 3600.00
$ 40.00 $ 480.00 $ 1440.00 $ 2400.00 $ 4800.00
$ 50.00 $ 600.00 $ 1800.00 $ 3000.00 $ 6000.00
$ 60.00 $ 720.00 $ 2160.00 $ 3600.00 $ 7200.00


How much is eliminating two lines worth to you?

What's eliminating 2 phone lines worth to your BOTTOM LINE?
Monthly Line Cost 1st Year Cost/Savings 3rd Year Cost/Savings 5th Year Cost/Savings 10th Year Cost/Savings
$ 20.00 $ 480.00 $ 1440.00 $ 2400.00 $ 4800.00
$ 30.00 $ 720.00 $ 2160.00 $ 3600.00 $ 7200.00
$ 40.00 $ 960.00 $ 2880.00 $ 4800.00 $ 9600.00
$ 50.00 $ 1200.00 $ 3600.00 $ 6000.00 $ 12000.00
$ 60.00 $ 1440.00 $ 4320.00 $ 7200.00 $ 14400.00

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